I love, love, love winter city breaks (okay, I love any kind of city break!). A winter city break is so different from a sunny, summer city break. It has a totally different feeling and you’ll do loads of different things that you wouldn’t on a summer city break.

I’m actually just back from a fantastic winter city break. I spent the weekend in Edinburgh with Thomas and two of our great friends. We had an amazing trip and made sure it involved plenty of the following…


A winter city break just isn’t the same unless the place you’re visiting is cold. There’s just something about being all wrapped up whilst exploring a new place that’s magical – especially around Christmas time.

Those crisp, cold, winter days with gorgeous blue skies are my absolute favourite. It’s the perfect weather for walking around exploring and sightseeing.

Comfy boots 

City breaks always involve a lot of walking, so having comfortable footwear is a must. Nobody likes to be spending their time on holiday complaint about sore feet and seeking out plasters for their blisters!

Winter city break

Staying warm whilst sightseeing in Bruges

I always recommend boots for winter city breaks, as they’re both warm and comfy. Just be sure to break them in before your trip!

Cosy cafes and bars 

There’s nothing better than taking a break from sightseeing in the cold and heading into a cute cafe for a warm drink or glass of something bubbly. Taking off all your layers and letting the heat get to you is always an amazing feeling, especially when it’s starting to get dark and even colder. The only problem is, once you’re inside you might not want to go back out in the cold!

A great hotel 

I always seem to spend a little more time in a hotel when I’m travelling in winter. Whether that means having a cosy long-lie, defrosting in the spa, or heading back to the hotel bar after dinner for a drink, knowing I don’t need to venture out in the cold again until the next day.

If I’m spending more time in a hotel then I want to be sure it’s a good one. One great thing about this is that travelling in winter can be much cheaper than in summer, so hotel prices are lower. That means it’s easier to get a bargain on a fantastic 4 or 5 star hotel and enjoy all those facilities.

Delicious food 

winter city break

Warming up with a crepe on a recent winter city break!

Food is always important when you’re travelling. Food, flavours, techniques and everything else can give you a really strong insight into a country and culture and it’s something I love when I’m travelling.

Travelling in winter when it’s cold outside makes food so much more important. You need hearty meals to heat you up and give you the energy to continue your sightseeing. Do some research before you go to try and find some great restaurants – TripAdvisor, blogs and Instagram are all great places for recommendations.

What ingredients do you need for the perfect winter city break?