The Algarve is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. It’s a place that has it all. Sun, sea, sand, pretty architecture, adorable towns, stunning coastline, delicious wines and some seriously good food. What’s not to love?

If you’re thinking of a visit and wondering what amazing places to visit in The Algarve, then here are my pick of the bunch…


amazing places to visit in the algarve

Lagos is one of my very favourite places in The Algarve. It’s around an hour west of Faro Airport (the main airport in The Algarve) and is an incredibly chilled out destination.

This area has some of the best beaches I’ve discovered in Europe and beautifully clear waters. It’s the ideal place if you’re a big fan of hanging out on the beach. There is one large, unspoiled sandy beach to the east of the city and on the west you’ll find a series of rocky bays with pretty beaches seemingly hidden within.

The city of Lagos itself is really pretty. The oldest part has typically Portuguese architecture, pretty squares and cobbled, pedestrianised streets.

Because it’s a bit further away from the airport than some of the other destinations in this region, Lagos is a bit less ‘touristy’. Of course, there are still plenty visitors there from across the globe, but it’s not as touristy as other spots.

amazing places to visit in the algarve


amazing places to visit in the algarve

I have to confess to not having visited Faro before until my most recent trip to The Algarve. Despite having been to the region dozens of times I had only ever landed at Faro Airport and headed elsewhere. 

On my most recent visit to The Algarve, Thomas and I decided to finally visit Faro and we were not disappointed. We headed to the Old Town and adored the pretty cobbled streets, ancient buildings and quirky vibe. 

The Old Town of Faro is hundreds of years old and has a medieval cathedral, a church constructed from bones (yes, bones!) and plenty of gorgeous houses. It’s the perfect place to wander around before finding a cafe and doing some people watching with a cool drink in hand.
amazing places to visit in the algarve


amazing places to visit in the algarve

Albufeira is one of the most popular places for visitors to The Algarve. With a beach like that, it’s easy to see why!

This former fishing town has become crazy popular with tourists in the last few years and has changed a lot. It’s incredibly busy in the summer months, so if you’re looking for something quieter and chilled out I’d recommend visiting in shoulder season or off season. The beauty of The Algarve is that it enjoys great weather for the majority of the year, so visiting out of season doesn’t guarantee bad weather.

Although Albufeira is different now to when I first started visiting, I still enjoy a visit there. The beach is stunning, the views along the coast are incredible and the people are very friendly.


amazing places to visit in the algarve

Vilamoura is another of the most well-known and visited spots in this region. It’s particularly popular with golfers, as it’s in close proximity to dozens of golf courses. My partner Thomas, my dad and my brother all play golf, so I’ve been to Vilamoura rather a lot so they can golf while we relax in the sun!

The majority of the action in Vilamoura is centred around the marina. This is where you’ll find hundreds of gorgeous yachts, some of which can be rented out if you wish. Around the marina are loads of great restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy a meal looking out at the marina.

Away from the marina, Vilamoura has two sandy beaches. To the east, there is Praia de Vilamoura and to the west Praia da Falesia. Praia de Vilamoura is a long sandy beach that stretches all the way to the next town, Quarteira. It is also usually the busiest of the two beaches. Praia da Falesia sits with the sandstone cliffs as a backdrop and is a semi-sheltered beach.
places to visit in the algarve


amazing places to visit in the algarve

If you want to go somewhere that’s a little smaller than the rest of the places here, Carvoeiro is the place for you. It’s a small town that’s perched on cliffs surrounding a pretty little sandy beach. 

The town itself is charming and has a really relaxed feel. It’s pretty much the perfect place if you want a super relaxing holiday with trips to the beach and pool and plenty of good food and wine. 

If you do want to get involved in some activities, I absolutely recommend a boat trip. Close to Carvoeiro, there’s some stunning and very dramatic coastal scenery. Cliffs rising dramatically from the water, caves and turquoise water. Amazing! 

This area is also perfect if you’re into walking or hiking as there are plenty of coastal pathways with glorious views. 

Have you been to any of these places? Do you know of any other great places to visit in The Algarve?