I’m a big believer that food is such an important part of the travel experience. You can tell so much about a country from its food, flavours and cooking traditions. Travelling and trying new dishes as you go is just so enjoyable – getting to taste new flavours, try new combinations and new things.

These are the countries with the best food, as chosen by me…


countries with the best food

When it comes to food it really doesn’t get much better than Italy. I love that there are so many dishes other than their most famous ones and that there are dishes specific to each region. Some of my favourite foods in the world originate from Italy and it’s one of the things I always love about visiting.

The Italians are incredibly passionate people by nature and they’re wonderfully passionate about their food. I love the tendency to linger over meals, take long lunches, wash lunch and dinner down with gorgeous Italian wines and the sheer enjoyment of it all.


countries with the best food

One of the things I loved most about Vietnam was definitely the food. I loved the use of fresh produce in everything and the sheer variety of different, delicious things to try! Within Vietnamese cuisine they believe in five fundamental taste senses – spicy, bitter, sweet, salty and sour. These combine to make some absolutely out of this world dishes!


countries with the best food

India was a really special trip for me and one of the highlights was certainly getting to try authentic Indian dishes. Sure, there are plenty of good Indian restaurants and takeaways here in Scotland, but nothing beats the real thing in India.

I adored the variety of flavours in most of the dishes, thanks to all of the lovely spices they use. I loved the sheer number of different types of curries and sides there are and those that are specific to some regions. I also especially loved finding out about their traditional ways of cooking and how they’re prepared to spend hours and hours preparing a delicious meal.


countries with the best food

In my opinion, Spanish tapas is just fantastic. I love finding little tapas bars that are crowded, noisy and filled with a huge variety of different things to nibble on. Being able to try lots of small dishes is ideal, as I like getting to taste a bunch of different things.

I also really like that there are different styles of tapas in different regions throughout Spain, meaning tapas in Barcelona will be completely different to tapas in Marbella or Murcia.

Which countries do you think have the best food?