I celebrated my 29th birthday on Friday and instead of freaking out that this is the last year of my twenties, I’m focusing on the good things in my life.

There are so, so many great things in my life and so much to be thankful for. I’m at a pretty great stage in my life and there are just so many good things happening.

Here are 29 of the things I’m happy about at this stage in my life…

  1. Thomas – I’m so lucky to have an amazing partner and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend my life with. He’s kind, supportive, hard-working and makes me laugh every single day.
  2. My family – I’m super close to my family and so thankful to have great relationships with them.
  3. Poppy – I’m head over heels in love with Poppy, our 11-week old Miniature Schnauzer and enjoying every moment of training her and introducing her to new experiences and situations.
  4. My friends – I have some really great friends who I know I can rely on and have great times with.
  5. My business – Being self-employed and running my own business is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I feel very lucky to do work that I really, really enjoy and have work I can fit around my lifestyle. My business is thriving at the moment and things are just getting better and better.
  6. Travel – Travel is one of the most important and most rewarding things in my life. Going to new places and having new experiences is everything and I’m so happy to travel the amount that I do.
  7. Living in Scotland – I adore being from and living in Scotland and firmly believe it’s one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.
  8. Our house – The home I share with Thomas (and Poppy!) is a place I love. It’s spacious, comfortable and has plenty of room for entertaining which we love.
  9. Living close to Glasgow – I love living just outside of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. It’s great being so close that we can nip in for dinner, drinks, shopping or just a wander. It’s such a vibrant city that I love spending time in.
  10. Going to India later this year – It’s been 6 years since my first trip to India with my mum. In October, I’m heading back there with Thomas and my parents and I can’t wait to be back. I’m looking forward to seeing how my experience will be different this time around.
  11. Reading – Reading has always been and probably will always be a big passion of mine. This year I’m aiming to read 70 books and am powering my way through some great reads to get there.
  12. Summer in France – This summer I’m heading to France with my family for a really amazing trip. We’re going to Paris first and then down to the south of France where we’ve hired the most beautiful looking villa with a pool. Travelling with my family is always fantastic and we have the best time, plus I love France so I can’t wait.
  13. Getting older – As much as it’s kinda scary to be in the last year of my twenties, it’s also exciting to be getting older. I enjoy moving through the different stages of my life and I know that getting older is a privilege that not many everyone gets to have.
  14. Getting married next year – I’ve never really been the type of girl who thought about her wedding and dreamed of a big perfect day. It’s just not really my thing. Thomas and I are getting married next year in a really low-key ceremony with just 30 people. It’s going to be super laid-back and chilled and I’m looking forward to it.
  15. Gardening – This might sound really lame but I totally enjoy gardening and having my own little garden. Growing herbs and vegetables plus pretty plants is so relaxing and rewarding.
  16. This blog – I’m always thankful to have this blog and it’s afforded me so many great opportunities. Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read it and check in on my life.
  17. Caring less – As I’ve gotten older I think I’ve become less interested in what other people think. Previously I would worry about what others thought of me, my life, my choices etc. Now, I’m not really that fussed as long as the people closest to me are happy and supportive that’s all that matters.
  18. Being proud of myself – I think it’s a completely British thing that we don’t like talking about being proud of our achievements, but I’m just gonna come out and say it. I’m proud of where I am at this stage in my life and what I’ve achieved so far.
  19. Goals for 30 – There are some things I’d like to achieve before I hit the big three-zero and I’m focused on achieving them in the next year. It’s great to have things to work towards and I like to constantly try to improve and get better.
  20. Taking care of myself – I’ve become much better at taking care of myself in the last few years. Simple things such as a skincare routine that works for me and making time for myself instead of working too much make a big difference and I feel like I have really good balance at the moment.
  21. Cooking – I’ve always really enjoyed cooking and in the last few years, I’ve gotten into it even more. Really since Thomas and I bought our house and had our own lovely kitchen to cook in. This year I set myself a challenge to cook at least 3 new recipes every month. So far, it’s been a great success and it’s forcing me to cook new things instead of sticking to the same old tried and tested recipes.
  22. The variety of my work – One of my favourite things about the work I do as a self-employed social media specialist and writer is the variety. I work with some really lovely clients across a variety of industries. This keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning new things about different industries and makes every day interesting.
  23. Writing – Ever since I was a child and I wrote a story based on a drought in Bangladesh that I saw on a Blue Peter appeal (it was 24 pages long and rather in-depth if I remember correctly!) I’ve loved writing. I’m so happy that I can make a living from crafting social media, blog and article content for myself and for my clients.
  24. Being organised – Being happy about being organised might sound a bit random to some but it makes perfect sense to me. Whilst I don’t have a set routine (thanks to working for myself from home), I do like to be super, super organised. When things are in order I feel calm and don’t get stressed easily and everything seems to run better in my life and business. It might not be the most interesting thing to do, but man does it help.
  25. Making my own money – I’m proud to work for myself and make money doing something I really enjoy. It’s another British thing that means we don’t really talk about money, but this past year has been my biggest earning year yet and I’m very happy about that.
  26. Entertaining – I absolutely adore entertaining. Whether it’s hosting a full dinner party, a BBQ or just having friends over for drinks, I love it all. Luckily Thomas and I both enjoy cooking so we often have friends and family over for dinner parties where we try out new dishes.
  27. Not working 9-5 – I have total respect for those who do it, but working 9-5 5 days a week just isn’t for me. I like being able to make my own hours as long as I get everything done. It means I can start work at 7am if I want to, take breaks during the day to go for dog walks or lunches and fit all my life admin in around work. The ability to take a day/morning/afternoon off when I want to is also brilliant.
  28. A busy social calendar – these days I have things planned pretty much every weekend. I used to be guilty of working weekends all the time, but now I’ve learned how to work smarter I’ve dramatically reduced my hours and have much more time to spend out and about with Thomas, Poppy friends and family.
  29. Looking ahead to the future – in the last year of my twenties I can absolutely say I’m looking forward for what’s to come in the future. I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me (and wouldn’t really want to anyway), but I’m super excited to see what it brings.

Here’s to the last year of my twenties and the next 29 years!

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