Happy New Year! I love the beginning of a new year. It always feels so fresh, shiny and exciting and I always like to use it as an opportunity to plan what I want from the next 12 months. I like to think about where I want the year to take me, both literally and metaphorically – in business and in my personal life.

Travel Plans 

Shockingly (or rather excitingly depending on your view!), I don’t have too many travel plans set in stone for 2017…yet. The only thing that’s booked so far is a trip to Lagos, Portugal, a place I’ve been before and really enjoyed. I’m travelling with Thomas and three other friends in May and we’ve decided to splash out on a gorgeous villa for our trip.

2017 Travel

And that’s currently the only trip that’s actually booked for 2017!

Travel Dreams and Ideas

Regular readers will know that Thomas and I love to take each other away on trips for our respective birthdays rather than buying gifts we don’t really need. That means that my 27th birthday in March will involve a trip somewhere and our current ideas involve Valencia or somewhere with snow for our first ever ski holiday!
2017 travel valencia
2017 travel

Thomas turns the big 3-0 in May and whilst we’ve already got a trip to Portugal booked for a week after his birthday, I think we might just be able to fit something else in before that! I have a couple of ideas but I’m going to keep quiet incase he reads this (hi, Thomas!).

After that I’ll probably be home for a couple of months as I always like to be home in Scotland during the summer. We have such dreary weather the rest of the year that I like to be at home to make the most of the sunshine and warmer weather while it lasts!


Late August or early September will probably be the next big trip. Thomas’ mum is celebrating a big birthday this year (I won’t say which one!) and has said she’d like a family trip away to mark the occasion. Thomas and I are in full blown planning mode for this at the moment and trying to get somewhere to suit everyone is proving a little tricky. It needs to be not too hot for Thomas’ parents, not too far (5 hours maximum flight time) and Thomas and I would both quite like to visit a new country in the process. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then please let me know!

Thomas, my brother Iain and his girlfriend Michelle and I are also all keen to go to Portugal together this year. One of our favourite restaurants in the world is there and it’s now up for sale so we’re worried if we don’t go soon we might miss out!

In between all of those trips I’ll be doing lots of explorations and trips in Scotland. I’d love to fit in a stay at the Gleneagles hotels (still my absolute favourite in the world) and a dog friendly hotel I’ve heard about – Trigony House in Dumfriesshire. There will also be some weekend trips to the lovely lodges at Archerfield as we renew our family membership there for another year. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

2017 Goals

For 2017 I have plenty of goals and aspirations, many of them to do with my business. I won’t go into too many details about those here as they’re not that exciting. They just involve growing my business, being more visible in business and growing my income.

On a more personal note, in 2017 I want to try a lot more things – things that I might otherwise not do. That all kicks off tomorrow as I’m signed up to an intensive day of learning to ski! I’ve never skiied before and I’m slightly terrified but also really looking forward to it. Thomas is doing it too so 2017 could well be the year we embark upon our first ski holiday!

I also want to complete my 52 books challenge again – reading one book each week for the entire year. I’ve completed it a few times before and always enjoy it. I absolutely adore reading and the challenge is a great way to keep me motivated.

Visiting at least one new country during 2017 would also be amazing. I’ve visited 38 countries so far and I’d love to round that number up to 40! Pretty good going, don’t you think?! If you guys have any suggestions of fabulous destinations I haven’t been to yet that I should, please let me know in the comments below.

My other goals for 2017 include going to the gym more regularly and consistently, striking a better work-life balance and just generally being the best person I can be.

What are your travel plans and goals for 2017?