I’ve been lucky enough to have cruised to and from Venice many times, and each time I’ve marvelled at the beauty of the Grand Canal, and loved sailing past world famous St. Mark’s Square. However, recently protests on the number and the size of cruise ships sailing into and out of Venice have been raging. Protests have arisen out of fears that some of today’s massive modern ship’s wakes are causing unnecessary waves, and therefore erosion of the foundations of this beautiful city.

Venice Italy

Venetian residents, politicians and representatives from UNESCO are in agreement that something needs to be done in order to prevent the 300 or so ships which sail into Venice annually weakening the cities foundations even further. ‘No Big Ships Venice’ protesters recently hounded MSC Divinia in June 2012 when it visited Venice, becoming the largest cruise ship to ever sail into the city.

It’s been suggested by Giorgio Orsoni, the major of Venice, that the nearby Porto Maghera on the mainland of Italy be used as an alternative port to Venice. Cruise ship passengers would then simply have to travel a little further to be able to explore the charming canals and stunning architecture of Venice. This would still allow passengers to visit Venice, yet would assist in prolonging the lifespan of a city which is under constant attack by the swirling waters of the Adriatic.

A ban on ships entering Venice would mean that the amazing view of the city which being elevated the decks of a cruise ship affords would become a thing of the past. For many the sail into or out of Venice is a highlight of their cruise, simply because of the views that being above everything all of the buildings in the city allows. I personally feel that this would be the only downside of a ban on cruise ships in Venice, but it is surely a very small price to pay for the protection of the city.

Grand Canal Venice Italy

Venice is a truly unique and beautiful destination, and one of my favourite places that I’ve visited around the world. If a ban on cruise ships would help to protect the city then I’m completely in favour of it. I fervently believe everything possible should be done in order to protect the city of Venice for future generations. It is an important cultural and geographical site and it would be humanity’s loss.

What are your views on a possible cruise ship ban in Venice? Do you agree?