I am a big fan of great skincare and beauty products. Taking care of my skin is something I love and really enjoy doing. It’s all about taking a little time for myself, especially at the beginning and end of a busy day.

I try to take just as good care of my skin when I’m travelling as I do at home. I take my makeup off every night (even if I’ve had one glass of wine too many) and always do a full skincare routine.

There are some beauty products I pack whether I’m going away for 1 night or 10 nights. I have them in big versions and in small versions (or I just decant), to suit the length of the trip I’m going on.

Here are the beauty products I always travel with…

1. SPF 50

As a fair-haired gal with pale Scottish skin, SPF is something I take seriously. I wear SPF 50 on my face every day at home in Scotland and whenever I travel. My absolute favourite facial SPF is The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 Moisturiser. It’s light, non-fragranced and non-greasy. It works well both under makeup or on no-makeup days.

2. Cleanser

I am a big fan of a double-cleanse in the evening to take all the grossness of the day off. If you don’t know what double cleansing is then you need to check out Caroline Hirons blog asap.

My first cleanse is always an oil cleanse and I adore two different (rather similar products for this). The first is the pricier option, Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil. The second is the more budget-friendly option of the two, which happens to smell and perform remarkably similiarSuperfacialist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil.

My second cleanse (and morning cleanse) is the good old Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser which I love.

3. Perfume

When I travel I go with my handy little perfume atomiser. It allows me to fill it with my favourite perfume and carry the tiny little bottle around, rather than a big clunky one. Perfect for taking up a small amount of space in my bag and even better if I’m travelling with just hand luggage.

4. Bar Soap

beauty products for travel

I know, I know, bar soap is SO RETRO. But, I actually love bar soap and even use it at home too.

It’s super convenient for travelling as it takes up such a small amount of space in my luggage and isn’t liquid so won’t spill and doesn’t need to go into my liquids bag if I’m carry-on only.

Bar soap is also much better for the environment as it’s not encased in plastic and so produces less waste. Win-win!

5. Razor

Does a razor count as a beauty product? Who knows, but I’m including it because nobody wants to see my unshaven legs!

My razor of choice is from FFS (Friction Free Shaving). It’s a subscription service where I get razor blades delivered every second month (you can change this to suit you) and means it’s one less thing to think about as they just arrive automatically. They’re really good quality and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

6. Body Lotion or Aftersun

I have super dry skin that needs a lot of moisturising to keep it looking half decent.

If I’m travelling somewhere sunny I’ll take aftersun, otherwise just an ordinary body lotion. Aveeno is my favourite and is the best I’ve found for my dry skin.

7. Makeup

beauty products for travel

I know there are a lot of people out there who go on holiday and leave their makeup at home but I am not one of them.

I have fairly red skin (which gets redder in the sun!), so I prefer to at least have tinted moisturiser on to even out my skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear tonnes and tonnes of makeup, but I do like to spend 5-10 minutes each morning making sure I look my best.

Getting a little dressed up for dinner is always something we do when we’re travelling too and I just don’t feel ready for an evening out without some makeup on.

8. A Hydrating Mask

Let’s face it, travelling can be rough on skin. Circulating plane air is super drying and lots of sun or lots of cold can be incredibly drying and cause irritation too.

For this reason, I always travel with a hydrating mask of some sort. A sheet mask is pretty perfect for travel, as they’re small and perfectly packaged. I like to use these at bedtime after a long day of sightseeing and exploring and it’s the perfect way to relax.

I also highly recommend loads of hydrating masks if you’re off on a skiing holiday. All that sun, wind and exposure can wreak havoc with skin.

9. Nail File

You never know when you might get a raggedy nail or, worse, a broken nail. That’s why I always have a nail file in my bag to sort me out. Simple and effective…enough said.

10. Dry Shampoo

Nobody wants to spend too much of their precious holiday time in their hotel room washing and drying their hair, right? There’s so many more fun things to be doing rather than washing hair and I for one hate spending time on holiday doing this.

I have pretty long, thick hair that takes a while to dry and style, so if I can manage to tide my hair over for a day or so longer without having to wash it then I’ll do it.

I’ve tried loads of different dry shampoos and always come back to Batiste Dry Shampoos in the end. My favourite is the tropical scented one.

What beauty products do you always travel with?